Squintin‘, lookin‘, doin‘.

Projects in digital fabrication, 3D design, and making.

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About me

Hardware prototyping specialist recently focusing on VR/AR hardware


- Mechanical design and DFM/DfAM (Design for Additive)

- Prototype fabrication: - Industrial 3D printing, in many forms!
- Tooling design for milling, LSR and urethane molding, hot melt IM, vacuum forming, composites layup, sheet metal stamping / bending
- Machining (5-Axis programming and operation, manual mill & lathe)
- 2D profiling (waterjet, fiber laser)

- Materials test design (polymers, polymer-matrix composites)

- Metrology and GD&T

- Investment casting in various forms (precious metals, glass, bronze)

- Ceramics debinding and sintering

- Technical writing


- Mechanical CAD: Onshape, Solidworks, Fusion360 (CAM)

- Parametric manipulation: N-Topology Platform, Grasshopper

- Metrology / measurement : Keyence VK Analyzer, Bluehill Elements, GOM Inspect

- Mesh-based 3D modeling: Blender, Maya, Meshlab

- Art and design: ZBrush Adobe CC (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects), Octane Render, HoudiniFX

- Arduino

- Tableau